Music News

  • StereoGum: A great place to find the lastest news on some of the lesser known Alternative bands & artists. The site also has some really interesting music related lists.
  • NPR Music: Has information and news about all types of music, but divides them by genre. In the “Rock/Pop/Folk” section, you’ll find the lastest music interview and upcoming concerts.
  • RollingStone: One of the most renowned sources for music news on up and coming artists.
  • Billboard: Great place to find what’s popular now, across the board or by genre.
  • MTV: Popular music news, and a great place to find music video playlists.
  • Pitchfork: This site has great album reviews, and also does features on the “best new music”
  • Joonbug: Divides music news by major cities, so you can find out what’s happening close to you.
  • BBC Music: Great place to find out what’s popular, by genre, in the U.K. crowd.
  • CLASH: Music reviews, news, festivals, and great giveaways.

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