Alternative Addiction is blog born out of passion and necessity. Coming from a small city, I understand how hard it is to find great new music with only one radio station that occassionally plays Alternative music, and a CD section of the library that hasn’t been updated since the 80s.

Alternative Addiction is about the new and upcoming Alternative bands/artists who have not yet reached your local radios in full force. This blog will hopefully expose you to new Alternative music that  you have not yet heard or have heard little about. Alt-Addiction will help acquaint you with some of your new favorite artists and songs.

This blog includes:

  • Alt-Features: Articles on featured bands/artists, giving a look at their background, their sound/unique qualities, upcoming events & releases, videos & music.
  • Indie: Brief articles on Indie bands to watch. (Note: To clear up confusion, although “Indie” is used to describe a subgenre of Alternative, it is actually an abbreviation of Independent and is used to describe record labels. The latter is the context in which I will be using the term.)
  • Featured Songs: New & fantastic songs of Alternative music
  • Monthly Playlist
  • Links

Know of a great indie band/artist? Have an Alt artist you would like to know more about?        Want your favorite song to be heard?

Leave me a comment or email me at:


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