Hello! My name is Alex, and I am the face and blogger behind Alternative Addiction. To put it simply, I’m an Alternative addict turned dealer. Why not share what you love, right?

Music has always been a strong influence in my life and I’ve been an Alt-enthusiast for most of it. I love the diversity and creativity of the genre. To me, Alternative music is all about not fitting in, breaking the rules, and having a lot of fun. The perfect soundtrack to life. (Now if only life came with background music & I had my own theme song…)

In my life away from Alt-Addiction, I’m a fulltime collegiate English nerd, travelaholic, and lover of life’s curiosities. I also have an undying affection for furry creatures, rainy days, and sprinkles. (Yes, sprinkles. Any ice cream, cake, donut, or pastry without is a confectionary nudist.)

Needless to say, I’m a unique individual, which is probably why I mesh so well with Alternative rock. This blog allows me to share both my love of music and my love of writing, all for your viewing pleasure.

To learn more about the inspiration and purpose behind this blog, check out the Alt-Addiction page.


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