Young the Giant & Grouplove

The Young the Giant concert on March 27th started out with an hour wait after the doors of Cain’s Ballroom opened at 7pm for the show at 8pm. This wait wasn’t too bad really since my friend Kaylee and I had never been to Cain’s before, so we spent the time soaking in the sight.

Cain’s Ballroom is an awesome venue. It’s small and somewhat quaint, with its wood floors and dome-like ceiling, but that’s all part of the charm. Built in 1924 by local entrepreneur Tate Brady, Cain’s started out as a garage, then became a dime-a-dance joint,  a dancing academy, and today is a rather well known performance venue. Although not huge and modern like most stadium style venues, Cain’s old spring-loaded wood dance floor is great for jumping and bobbing to the beat, and audience members feel a more personal connection with the music on stage since the ballroom has a small capacity and old has standing room.

After the seemingly brief wait, Grouplove, the openers for the night came out on stage.

Dynamic and exciting, Grouplove pumped up the audience with their catchy songs and vibrant personalities on stage. Playing many of their well known songs like “Tongue Tied,” “Colours,” and “Naked Kids,” all of which can be found on this month’s playlist. My personal favorite of the night was “Spun,” one of Grouplove’s lesser known song which I hadn’t heard before. It is also now an inside joke between Kaylee and I, because we were convince that it the wasn’t “spun” but “sperm”. An awkwardly hilarious misunderstanding that made the night that much more fun.

(Sorry…red strobe lights mixed with an iPhone camera equals semi-terrible picture quality)

Pumped up and ready to soak in the soothing songs of Young the Giant, the worst part of the whole concert came. Another hour long wait. Apparently, to wait for the on stage lights to get fully set up…but honestly I think it was all planned to make us audience members all the more antsy.

Regardless, Young the Giant did eventually come on, and we were soon lost in the mellow melodies and rich vocals of Sameer Gadhia.

Young the Giant brought out all the favorites such as “Cough Syrup,” “Apartment,” and “My Body” but also threw in some of their lesser known songs like “Guns Out.” Below is a video of them performing “Guns Out” at the concert recorded on my iPhone.

Also, to the audience’s surprise and delight, they performed one of the songs they’ve recently written and will appear on the album they plan to release later this year. The song is “What You Get” and here it is as recorded on my iPhone.


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