With the weekends come my routine quest for great indie bands. Because weekends are all about cutting loose, relaxing, and doing what you’ve wanted to all week but haven’t had time for.Welcome to my Indie-end. My time to explore and find great new music to add to my soundtrack to make it through another week with my sanity intact.

This weekend, my indie find is the Canadian vocalist Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name, Grimes.

Grimes music is broadly classified as a union of Alternative and Electronic, but leaving it at that does not do Grimes justice. Many of the songs have a space-like futuristic feel, but this gives way to dance floor beats, and a 80s pop sound. Although Grimes songs combine many popular elements of different genres, she does so with a new and fresh take.

However, it is not the synthesized instrumentals that make Grimes music so enchanting, but her voice. At first it seems like that of a nasally, baby-like ghost which combines with the dance club beat to create a oddly appealing pop sound. Next, Grimes works in richer tones that give off a blues-y lullaby feel. Then, to a listener’s complete surprise, she pours out pristine and chilling high notes that can only be described as ethereal. A perfect example of all these vocal elements combining is “Vanessa”.

Blown away? Wait until you sample some of Grimes newest songs released on February 21st in the U.S. on the album Visions. This album is like exploring a fine art museum with your ears. Grimes’ unique sound is in all of the songs, but each is so different that you wonder at how one person can create such beautifully varied music.

Here are some of the songs on Visions:

What do you think? A great indie find? Leave me a comment below.

Want more? Check out Grimes on Myspace

(Note: To clear up confusion, although “Indie” is used to describe a subgenre of Alternative, it is actually an abbreviation of the word “Independent” and is used to describe record labels. The latter is the context in which I will be using the term.)

Sources: iTunes


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