Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

The Brooklyn duo, Sleigh Bells, hit the Alt radar in 2010 with their debut album Treats. The album blew in a new sound in Alternative music, shredding our eardrums with their over-developed sound and heavy bass-lines, and leaving listeners in a confused daze as they tried to decide whether they loved or hated Sleigh Bell’s music. In the end love won, and the band now has a large following. Now with their second full-length album Reign of Terror released on February 21 in the U.S., they’re back with a mind blowing bang.

Sleigh Bells stays true to their unique hip hop meets rock sound, but  in Reign of Terrorthey have a little softer sound in some of the songs, focusing in on Alexis Krauss’s lovely melodies. This makes the reappearance of the pounding bass in songs like “Comeback Kid” all the more shocking and ear-shattering, in the best imaginable. A lighter sound is also found in the song “End of the Line” where the bass is completely toned back, giving the song a sweet pop sound. But, fear not, Sleigh Bells original harsh and addictive sound is definitely still going strong in this album with songs like “Demons” and “True Shred Guitar” where Derek Miller’s fuzzed-out rock guitar sound shines and holds its own within the cannon fire of the band’s gigantic sound.

My personal favorite is the song “Comeback Kid” which was released earlier in Januaryas a single, but makes a reappearance on the Reign of Terror album.

What do you think of the sound? I’ve really liked Sleigh Bells since their first album, and I think I like the second album even better. To hear the songs “Crush” and “End of the Line” in full for free check out Sleigh Bell’s website.

I’d love to get your feedback! So, please share your thoughts in the comments.



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