Young Magic: Melt

With the weekends come my routine quest for great indie bands. Because weekends are all about cutting loose, relaxing, and doing what you’ve wanted to all week but haven’t had time for.Welcome to my Indie-end. My time to explore and find great new music to add to my soundtrack to make it through another week with my sanity intact.

This weekend, my great find is the Brooklyn experimental trio, Young Magic.

Although broadly classified as Alternative, the band identifies their music as being Zouk, a style of rhythmic music that originated in the Caribbean but combines with Western elements and has a fast, heavy beat. Zouk literally translates to “party” or “festival,” and Young Magic’s music has a relaxing, laid back feel perfect for a casual party.

The band’s newest album Melt, released earlier this week in the U.S., has an enchanting and intoxicating sound. The album mixes airy folk sounds with dance beats and an island rawness that is consistent throughout the album but unique and different in each song. This makes for one outstanding and addictive musical experience, leaving you lost in the magic.No concrete lyrics necessary.

Here is the music video for the album’s song “Sparkly” that captures the dreamy surrealism of Young Magic’s music.

Another great song on Melt:

What do you think? A great indie find? Leave me a comment below.

Want more? Check out the band’s site to listen to any of Melt‘s song in full-length, for free.

(Note: To clear up confusion, although “Indie” is used to describe a subgenre of Alternative, it is actually an abbreviation of the word “Independent” and is used to describe record labels. The latter is the context in which I will be using the term.)



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