Sweet Sour by Band of Skulls

The U.K. trio, Band of Skulls, first hit the Alt radar back in 2009 with their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, and blew Alt-Addicts away. Now with their second full-length album Sweet Sour released this month, their unique sound is taken up a notch.

Band of Skulls stays true to their blues-rock sound, but they have added more of a rock n’ roll vibe, that combines to produce raw and rapturous songs, like “The Devil Takes Care of His Own” and “You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Goin’ On”. The album also features songs with a folk-rock softness and beauty (“Such a Fool” and “Close to Nowhere”) that are just as captivating.

However, in my opinion, the album’s namesake song “Sweet Sour” is takes the cake. In this song, Band of Skulls’ raw and ragged rock n’ roll music is at its best.

What do you think? Addicted? I know I am. In fact, I’m a huge fan of the whole album, so here are a few more of the aforementioned  Sweet Sour album songs that definitely deserve a listen:

Which song is your favorite? Would you like to see Band of Skulls as an Alt-Feature? I’d love to get your feedback! So, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: http://bandofskulls.com/


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